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About Us


Who are we?  

A motivated Canadian couple who built a brand with the vision to positively impact young adults and family’s overall well-being by inspiring creativity and a desire for accomplishment. We believe ever-changing personal growth is important and is why we encourage you to dive into your creative side while keeping your brain sharp and your body fueled.

We strive to make you happy, healthy, and creative.

Our Mission:  

By having a variety of activities arrive at your doorstep every other month, we hope you feel inspired to continue to try new things that positively impact your well-being.

What is The Idle Free Box? 

The Idle Free Box is an activity-based lifestyle subscription box that provides eager adults and families with exciting projects, stimulating brain games, and hobby-forming activities to fill their idle time. Each box sparks your creativity while promoting physical and cognitive growth.

We have partnered with The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) to provide you with resources to cope with anxiety and depression in the comfort of your home.

Who do we support?  

We support local creators by integrating their work into each box. In addition, we also donate $1.00 per box to local non-profits and charities. From February to June, all boxes sold will directly impact non-profit organization, Springboard Services of Scarborough, ON.


Springboard directly works with at risk and vulnerable youth and adults to support them through critical transitions in their lives. Communities grow and become stronger with Springboard Services.


If you would like to learn more or donate, please visit for more information.