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Who are we?

A Canadian owned subscription service built to inspire creativity and a desire for accomplishment. We believe in ever-changing personal growth which is why we encourage you to dive into your creative side while keeping your brain sharp and your body fueled.

We strive to make you happy, healthy, and creative and this can be achieved with the help of our monthly boxes.

What is The Idle Free Box?

The Idle Free Box is an activity-based subscription box that provides young adults with mini-projects, brain games, and hobby-forming activities to fill their spare time with. Each box sparks creativity while promoting physical and cognitive growth. We intend to build your confidence in achieving obtainable goals by completing the exciting activities provided in this box.

 Who do we support?

We support local creators by integrating their work into our box each month. In addition, we are donating $1.00 per box each quarter to different local non-profits and charities. The first organization we have chosen to donate to is CEE Center For Young Black Professionals located in Toronto, Ontario. 

If you would like to learn more or donate, please visit for more information.